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More than just a name, Tryangle is a brand that embodies equilibrium, precision, and personal commitment. And because the triangle is among the simplest and strongest of all shapes, it has also become the preferred shape of architects, engineers, and contractors. In addition, the three sides of the triangle symbolize the harmony between body, mind, and spirit, eliciting powerful feelings of alignment and prosperity. Feelings we hope each of our customers will also experience with every remodel we complete. Finally, look closely, you will find that our spelling cleverly embeds, the name of our owner, founder, and CEO, Ryan Yang, (TRYANGLE). In so doing, we sign every project with his personal dedication to excellence.


Tryangle Construction exists to help distinguished homeowners experience the very best that quality remodels offer in terms of value, lifestyle, and quality – from start to finish.


We believe that clear, repeatable, and understandable values create trust. Maintaining this trust requires that our everyday behavior is fully aligned with our values; a constancy that our vendors, clients, associates, suppliers, and subcontractors can count on. Being true to our values leads to trust, which in turn allows us to be trusted, listened to, and followed.

Quality Excellence

We believe in delivering unparalleled craftsmanship and superior construction materials to ensure the durability and longevity of every project we complete. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and we consistently strive for excellence in every aspect of our work.

Integrity Transparency

Honesty, transparency, and ethical practices are the pillars of our business. We foster long-term relationships with our clients, partners, and suppliers, built on trust and mutual respect. Our integrity is reflected in our dedication to delivering projects on time, within budget, and to the highest standards.



We value the power of collaboration. We believe that collaboration and teamwork are essential in bringing our clients' visions to life. Authenticity and trust are always at the heart of effective communications with lasting effects.

Innovation Personal Growth

Keeping up with the latest trends and technologies in the construction industry is at the core of our business. We embrace personal growth, innovation and are continuously seeking new methods, materials, and sustainable practices to enhance our construction processes, minimize our environmental impact, and deliver cutting edge solutions.



Ryan Yang

Founder, President, and CEO but mostly Head Tryangle.

Adding value is my superpower, and it has helped propel me into a career as a general contractor, realtor, real estate investor, and entrepreneur. After college, I worked in sales for a large IT company. While there, I felt constrained, and soon realized corporate America was not for me.

So, in 2015, still early in my career, I joined the family business investing in residential real estate. It was a fortuitous opportunity that introduced me to the power of real estate investing. There, I fell in love with all things real estate but also learned that being an entrepreneur and a general contractor are the paths for me.

Eventually I took over the family business, expanding it from Arizona to Texas. Today, I’m grateful to continue my entrepreneurial journey with Tryangle Construction, a unique, specialty general contracting company located in Irvine, CA.

I recently took over the helm of the company, and immediately changed the core business to instead focus on high-end remodels for affluent homeowners. A move that is already paying dividends. In addition, other equally exciting offerings are on deck and will be launched with as much speed as we can muster. It is, indeed, an exciting time at Tryangle – and I’m happy to say, we are just getting started…. In addition to building a dynamic brand in Tryangle, I am also passionate about giving back. Entrepreneurship has taught me much, especially about myself – and if I’m honest, some of it is ugly - but all of it important. Both the mistakes I’ve made and the things I’ve learned, I utilize to help budding entrepreneurs though EO - Orange County (Entrepreneurs Organization) where I sit on the Board.

Ryan is a graduate of the prestigious Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona and resides in Orange County, CA with his wife Emily.

If you have questions or are interested in reaching out to Ryan, he can be reached directly at